Automated Appointment Confirmations

  • Patient Specific Message Content
  • Advanced Text-To-Speech Technology
  • Professional Voice Recordings
  • Comprehensive Post-Call Reporting
  • Customized Or Standard Messages
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant
  • Multilingual Capability
  • Live Agent Interface

Your patients will receive a call from our personalized automated system notifying them of an upcoming appointment. You set the number of days and frequency of the confirmation call; our Interactive Voice Response system delivers a brief notification to your patient. They IVR system can even make calls as little as one hour prior to the appointment. Once the system is set up, the system will work for you 24/7 with no future maintenance or management.

Call 4 Health’s appointment confirmation/reminder system is an all in one solution which interfaces directly into your existing scheduling system via email or server-to-server file transfer (FTP).

Appointment Scheduling

As a healthcare organization, scheduling appointments is a large part of your operation. You need a reliable and efficient appointment scheduling service that enables your patients to be able to schedule appointments with you at their convenience any time of day. Often, medical support staff is unable to consistently process calls while attending to their core duties of interacting with patients and handling their administrative responsibilities. Call 4 Health can help you succeed.

  • Expand Hours Of Appointment Scheduling Capabilities
  • Decrease Abandoned Calls/Schedule More Appointments
  • Courteous, Accurate 24/7 Live Agent Services
  • Improve Patient Service Levels, Access And Call Quality
  • Increase Staff Efficiency, Generate More Revenue
  • Eliminate Distraction Of Appointment Scheduling Phone Calls

our-goalCall 4 Health’s Appointment Scheduling Services can process calls for one very busy office or for many different offices, facilities or clinics. By scheduling appointments on a frontline or overflow basis, Call 4 Health provides a responsive and cost-effective solution for improving patient service levels and retention rates while generating more revenue for your organization.

Call 4 Health can interface with your existing appointment scheduling system or provide you with our own web-based scheduling system to ensure that your calls are responded to promptly and that appointments are continuously and appropriately scheduled.

By analyzing your current operation, call traffic and staffing needs, Call 4 Health will assist you in determining the outsourcing solutions that make the most sense for your particular situation (e.g. frontline, overflow, hours of operation, etc). We have the capability to create a program, which will feature a shared, dedicated or blended agent model to best serve your particular needs. As call volume increases or varies, Call 4 Health has the capability to adjust our staffing model accordingly.

With Call 4 Health’s Centralized Appointment Desk program, multiple sites can be managed from one location. If your organization has several offices or facilities currently scheduling their own appointments, Call 4 Health can centralize this process and provide many scheduling, logistical and operational efficiencies that the multiple locations are unable to separately provide. One telephone number can even be provided for all appointments for a network of sites. Moreover, should you want to expand your hours of operation, our state-of-the-art Call Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Regardless of the appointment scheduling needs of your organization, what languages are required or your desired hours of operation, Call 4 Health will take the time to be trained to utilize your existing appointment scheduling system or incorporate our web-based system and design a customized program that best suits your needs. Our goal is clear. We want to ensure that your Appointment Scheduling Services program is staffed and managed in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner so that you may serve your patients better and provide better access to your organization.

24/7 Functionality And No Maintenance. Let’s Get Started.

If you do not support electronic scheduling, we have an administration interface accessible via the Internet where patient information and appointment schedules can be input. The patient has the option of confirming, canceling or rescheduling the appointment with the press of a button. In the event of a reschedule, a live-agent service is available to support the automated system. The call center agent will reschedule the appointment based on your practice guidelines.

Daily reporting will keep you in the loop and are available via email or server-to-server file transfer (FTP). Call 4 Health can also provide an dedicated number for patients confirming, canceling or rescheduling their appointments.

Call 4 Health adds value to any medical facility by outsourcing answering services to professional live U.S. based medical answering service operators. Call us now for more info or to listen to our courteous and professional operators 855.244.3258. Or contact us for more information on any of our medical answering solutions.