Customer Service & Help Desk

Customer Service & Help Desk

Call 4 Health is your HIPAA-compliant communications leader, providing the clinical trial expertise and contact center capabilities to launch and accelerate your clinical trial recruitment and retention programs. Our centralized recruitment center offers a fully redundant study management system that gives you full control over your recruitment and monitoring efforts, 24-7.

Capabilities include:

  • Toll-free numbers for direct-to-patient advertising campaigns
  • Healthcare operators for patient recruitment, pre-screening and retention programs
  • Live call handling seven days a week by healthcare professionals
  • Efficient and time-effective automated response programs 24/7
  • Appointment scheduling and site support programs
  • Excellent reporting and tracking systems for data management
  • Staffed and managed by healthcare providers trained in clinical trials
  • On-line screening capabilities
Customer Service & Help Desk


We ensure that your enrollment data is expertly integrated, stored, tracked and analyzed — fully available to you in real time. Access updated outcomes and enrollment forecasting, and monitor site performance with online referral reporting and downloadable recruitment documents. Feel confident that every transaction is protected by an SSL encryption security system. Call 4 Health is staffed by health professionals with 20 years of experience in clinical trial design, execution, and management.


How it works

  1. Recognizing the critical importance of acquiring and maintaining clinical trial participants, Call 4 Health utilizes a combination of recruitment specialists and study-specific recruitment criteria to screen potential participants for entry into our clients’ studies.
  2. Our clinical trial specialists are healthcare professionals who have training in clinical trial recruitment and direct experience in clinical trial management. Call 4 Health’s centralized recruitment allows our clients to focus on the management of the trial. Recruitment specialists and other Academic Network professional personnel work with our clients to develop optimally targeted promotions to create patient interest in specific clinical trials.
  3. These promotions include a (dedicated? Or unique?) toll-free number to Call 4 Health call center. Using the inclusion/exclusion criteria specifically designed for a trial, our recruitment specialists effectively identify potential participants for enrollment, eliminate those who are not appropriate, and create a database of those who do not meet one study’s criteria, but may be suitable for the client’s future studies.

Our online patient recruitment tools can be implemented in combination with an answering service program.

Centralized Recruiting and Reporting Solutions

A single call center can help detect issues that affect all sites (problems with protocol, adherence to study protocol, enrollment issues, etc.)

  • Centralized recruiting, reporting and site monitoring
  • Protocol compliance
  • Outbound intervention services to improve compliance and retention
  • Script development and IRB approval
  • Dietary guidance during clinical trials
  • Automated pre-screening for basic objective information
  • Reduction of screen failure rates at sites due to preliminary screening at call center
  • Outcomes: Data collected by the call center can provide information about recruitment methods, protocol design issues, etc., saving the client substantial costs