Home Health Provider: Patient Satisfaction Tracking and Reporting

Doctor talking with new patient

Home Health Provider: Patient Satisfaction Tracking and Reporting

Challenge: Administration identified complaint as a major area of opportunity to enhance the customer’s perception of the company

Senior management needed a way to standardize complaint management

When issues were resolved previously, there was no formal record with which to inform future resolutions


  • Call 4 Health created a “complaint and grievance hotline”, accessible 24/7
  • Developed complaint handling protocol that is accessible, in real time, by administrators at all facilities
  • An intuitive interface allows hospital leadership to monitor and respond to complaints immediately as it triggers a notification to multiple parties at the organization
  • Call 4 Health completely documents and records every telephonic interaction and sends encounter documentation directly to department leader. Clinical complaints are routed to risk management administrator
  • Monthly trend analysis and reporting pinpoints common issues


  • The company identified trends that has allowed it to implement corrective action to improve patient satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Reduced the time to resolve customer complaints
  • Greater customer satisfaction has improved referrals and increased profitability