About Us


About Us

Founded after a personal, heart-wrenching incident more than 20 years ago, Call 4 Health has gone from solely offering after-hours answering services to being a top-rated, complete communications BPO for healthcare facilities throughout the country. Here’s why:

“I became a caregiver for my mother when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I experienced terrible response and service when trying to reach the healthcare professionals after-hours. After her passing, we started the company to make sure other patients and their family members would not have the same negative experience as I did.” Founded after a heart-wrenching incident, Call 4 Health has gone from only offering after-hours answering services to being a complete communications BPO for healthcare facilities throughout the country over the last 20 years.” Joe Pores, Founder, and CEO, Call 4 Health

Mission Statement

To become the largest “hosted” patient access center in the country by providing patients with access to their provider, health care system or hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call 4 Health provides high quality, professional services and addresses the concerns of its callers immediately, and with compassion.

Call 4 Health was founded with the guiding belief that through the use of information technology and telephony systems, health care providers could improve patient care by integrating all customer contact points for improved communications and patient satisfaction.

Since our inception, we have utilized best in class call center technology to provide custom applications and solutions to support our clients’ customer relationship strategies.

Our windows based call centre management system offers full predictive, progressive and power dialing, custom scripting and development of call flow requirements for varying complexity, digital voice recording, both random and operator specific call monitoring real time reporting and many other unique features. The system is unrivaled in flexibility and links to our SQL servers for outstanding database integrity and security.

Our company continues to offer the latest technology and high end infrastructure to provide high quality customer support services.

Vision Statement

Call 4 Health is the leader and innovator in providing healthcare clients-doctors, hospitals, healthcare systems, homecare agencies, hospice agencies, medical equipment companies, health insurance companies and managed care plans- with a compassionate, professional, first-rate experience each time their patients call.

Our Marketshare in Various Healthcare Sectors:

Health Care

We offer our clients the best in:

Compassion is more than a slogan. The company was founded with a commitment to ensure patients and their families are treated with respect, empathy and compassion on every call. We believe in customer service excellence. The foundation of our business is built on a simple philosophy.


Providing integrated systems that link to existing electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management systems without additional hardware, software, and networking set-up.


providing online messaging, patient demographics, and medical records all into one place; all adapted to the clients forms and templates in order to organize the information for easier response.


Mechanisms available to assure online security include encryption software that makes it difficult for intercepted messages to be read by unauthorized persons.

We offer our clients