Medical Answering Services

Healthcare Medical Answering Solution

Our medical answering service solution, specializing in Medical Answering Services, was the first program offered by Call 4 Health. With over 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of a well-designed Medical Answering Services solution and can customize it to match your needs.

If you have limited staff, we can process the overflow of calls often experienced during busy and peak times. Call 4 Health’s Medical Answering Services can provide services when you need additional resources, saving you from having to hire staff or add additional telephone lines. And, our Medical Answering Services can help prevent your patients from experiencing longer hold time, busy signals, and an overall frustrating experience. Our call overflow solution is both easy and flexible to implement because the service is designed to be used only when needed.

We offer your patients improved communication while keeping your costs low. With our Medical Answering Services, you can have your overflow under control.

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How our medical call handling work:

  • Our automated call center system distinguishes between urgent and non-urgent calls, and then delivers them to the appropriate location for immediate response or follow-up.
  • You are in complete control of the design and management of your calls.
  • Our Patient Care Representative takes a message and identifies the provider on call.
  • Managing your on-call schedule can be done online via Call 4 Health’s web-based call scheduling system. You control your schedule anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of our medical call Answering Services:

  • Customizable remote reception programs tailored to your practice needs.
  • Increase patient service levels and staff efficiency.
  • Enhance your image as a compassionate provider of healthcare services.
  • Cost-effective solution for high overflow or sporadic call traffic.

Call 4 Health provides remote receptionist services, specializing in Medical Answering Services, call overflow services, and medical answering service for medical practices.

Remote reception

Remote Reception Services:

After a predetermined amount of time or rings that a caller is waiting in the queue for your staff, the call will be automatically forwarded to an exclusive number at Call 4 Health.

Following your instructions, Call 4 Health’s agents will process these calls by providing office-related information processing and emailing messages, scheduling appointments, handling routine inquiries, directing callers, and “patching” select callers to your office.

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