Medical Response Answering Service


Medical Response Answering Service

“One call does it all” is the mantra of the day. Today with the development of the call center industry, communication in between the organizations and their consumers has developed to a great extent when compared as in the previous years. All the information related to any of your queries is now just a phone call away. This enables the users to use the services round the clock.

Medical response services are recent phenomena. Now days, leading health organizations have their own answering services that cater to the needs of their clients. There are expert call centers for medical practices, health care, hospitals, medical equipment companies, pharmacies, physical therapists, physicians among others.

The medical answering service serves as an intermediary in between the client (health care provider) and the patients. It is the voice of the clients before, during and after their scheduled office hours. This makes them available for their customers for 24*7*365. It takes care of all the emergency calls, assist patients in scheduling and keeping appointments, answer questions related to all aspects of the clients’ business. Every call is handled with lot of care and compassion. They are driven by the latest health and home care technology and most innovative customer service procedures.

There are a number of call center that offer these services. Some of the well known are call 4 health, Med Connect, ECRI, Telemedicine Information Exchange among others. is one such service provider. The services that it offers to its clients include answering services and message management, online patient-physician communication, online appointment setting / confirmation, medical and health care equipment (i.e. purchasing or leasing.), patient surveys, and health insurance services vendors, claims, telemarketing sales and collections among other services.

Here, the medical representatives understand the traumas faced in times of crisis, the patients’ difficulties in coping with treatment as well as the emotional and financial strain that often accompany a medical situation. This makes them empathetic towards all calls. It provides real solutions consistent with the needs of both client and patient.

All the health care call centers provide services like giving information about their clients’ business and the services offered, respond to billing inquiries, provide test results, and schedule appointments, discuss symptoms and treatment.

These are the result of the technological advancement that eases a lot of the difficulties of the patients and their relatives. They provide services like home care telemedicine, home health care services and emergency medical services.