Our Process


Our Process

Our pre-employment testing is conducted by the State of Florida for candidates being hired to work in Florida. The State of Florida model is used by Call 4 Health when hiring outside of Florida. The test matches specific skills to individual candidates based on criteria developed specifically for Call 4 Health employees.

Our Employment Process

Before a candidate is invited to come to Call 4 Health for an interview, a voice message instruction and telephone interview are conducted to assess speaking skills and ability to follow simple instructions. Once a candidate is invited to come in for an interview, part of the interview process will include a realistic role playing scenario to assess how the candidate reacts under pressure.

Typing, number skills, grammar, spelling and comprehension tests will be administered. An explanation of the job expectations will be discussed with the candidate, and the candidate will sign the job expectations worksheet before being hired. Since Call 4 Health is adamant about hiring quality candidates, a complete background check and drug testing are conducted immediately after expectations review. In addition, our HR team verifies each candidate’s previous employment information.

Our current ratio of applicants to hires is approximately one in three. A pre-screening for hiring is conducted by the Florida Workforce Alliance program which pre-qualifies candidates for listening, reading for information and locating information skills