Event Registration

Event Registration

  • 24/7 Service Availability
  • IVR Solutions for Cost/Time Management
  • Efficient Lead Generation
  • Consistent Tracking
  • Confirmation Surveys
  • Customized Registration Processing
  • Payment and Post Event Surveys

Our entire state of the art call center has been designed and managed to enhance every aspect of your marketing and advertising effort. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions or live agents will help you to reach every customer in the most cost-effective manner. Call 4 Health’s IVR solutions incorporate cutting-edge speech recognition technology, which enhances customer satisfaction and increases sales. Many customers’ issues are resolved within the IVR system never needing live operator assistance. This dramatically reduces your customer acquisition cost.

We handle any event type including class enrollments, meeting schedules, registrations or event response. Call 4 Health’s meeting, seminar & event registration program provides reliability for your callers. Call 4 Health can also reach out to your customers and confirm attendance or remind attendees of upcoming events.

Provide Your Callers With Reliable Registration Programs

We work closely with you and your marketing team to design scripts that target your event registration program objectives. Your personalized script will be based on your campaign, type of callers, and language requirements. Call 4 Health will also assist you with a toll-free number, developing a reporting system that tracks results, and a customized training program.

24/7, Call 4 Health manages spikes in responses based on your promotional campaign whether it is generated via television, radio, print or Internet. We monitor and adjust staffing to ensure flexibility and respond to any 12th hour changes your marketing plans may need before going live.