Hospital Nurse Triage

Hospital Nurse Triage

Hospital-telephone-nurse-triageTelephone Nurse Triage for Hospitals

TTN Usage by Hospitals is Growing Rapidly

The nurse-led telephone triage center is a growing trend among hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices. Because most patients call their care providers when they have medical questions, much of the nurse’s day is spent on the phone, giving advice and making referrals.

To meet the growing need for service, hospitals and other facilities are turning to nurse triage teams staffed by highly trained triage nurses who can provide prompt and compassionate attention 24 hours a day.

Does Research Show the Benefits?

A medical answering service makes it easier for switchboard operators to do their jobs, relieves strain on overworked caregivers, and improves patient satisfaction. Registered nurses can give medical advice, make referrals, and direct patients to the services they need, leaving more time for physicians to spend with their patients.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reported on 17 studies that show how a doctor’s office or hospital telephone triage can help patients and caregivers. These statistics were among the results:

  • FiveIn one study, physicians experienced a 54% reduction in workload when compared to the previous twelve weeks.
  •  studies showed that fewer patients needed ambulances.
  • Research showed that most patients were happy with the triage service.
  • One study reported a 23% reduction in home visits and a 38% drop in primary care appointments, but statistics varied in different studies.
  • In another study, nurses eliminated one emergency room visit in every seven calls.

Research also shows a link between the reputation of a hospital and the satisfaction of its patients. Hospitals with unhappy patients are four times more likely to have a bad reputation than those with happy patients.

What Does a Hospital Telephone Triage Nurse Do?

A telephone triage nurse (TTN) talks to patients by phone or by video chat. The TTN may answer questions, assess the need for emergency care, or make referrals to doctors. Whether it’s a new parent with a sick baby, an elderly person who lives alone, or someone who suspects a contagious illness, a telephone triage nurse can direct every person to the care they need.

How Does Hospital Telephone Triage Help Medical Facilities?

A medical answering service with trained triage nurses improves the lives of caregivers and patients in many ways, including these:

  • Helps patients make better medical decisions
  • Answers calls 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays
  • Increases productivity and allows more time for patients who need extra care
  • Leads to fewer ER visits and ambulance rides
  • Makes nurses instantly available
  • Results in greater patient satisfaction
  • Helps to fill the nursing shortage and reduce workload of hospital nurses
  • Lowers burnout and turnover of nurses and doctors
  • Reduces operating expenses in hospitals and improves transparency

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