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The world of healthcare is changing with doctors and nurses facing an increasing number of patients. These professionals are expected to do more and maintain high levels of service.

The challenge is that situations like this lead to longer wait times for patients when calling. Statistics show that the average wait time is 18 minutes and 39 seconds.

Many times patients become tired of the long wait and will simply hang up. Patients feel like your organization is unresponsive and does not understand what is happening to them.

You can avoid challenges like this by streamlining your calls to our Patient Access Call Center. Our virtual call center reduces the workload on your staff and helps you to focus on practicing medicine. Here is how our Patient Access Call Center helps your business and improves patient satisfaction.

What is a Patient Access Call Center?

Our Patient Access Call Center works with large groups of health systems, hospitals, and doctors. These organizations and professionals are looking to improve the patient experience, enhance revenue, and prevent the loss of patients.

For example, when a patient calls into Broward Hospital, they are placed into a queue. These wait times vary depending on the workload and the number of people that are calling. Patients become irritated from having to wait to speak with the right people.

At Call 4 Health we eliminate these wait times and send the patients directly to the professionals and resources they need.  Our services enhance the experience by helping the patient with scheduling, triage, and answering their questions. You are more responsive to their needs and the patient feels like you care.

Eligibility and Verification

Every year 1.8 million patients are underinsured and don’t know what is covered under their plans. Your staff must spend more time and resources researching coverage options, co-pays, and individual responsibility.

All of these factors cost you time and money doing research that could be streamlined somewhere else.

Our patient access services give patients better information about what is covered. You spend more time focusing on the practice of medicine versus what is covered by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

For 20 years, Call 4 Health helps providers and professionals to streamline their practices. We give you current information on patient eligibility and free up your staff to do other tasks that are more pressing.

The Patient Appointment Reminder

Your patients need to be reminded of their appointments 24 hours before. A large caseload makes things time-consuming and difficult for your staff. Our patient appointment reminder calls everyone and lets them know about their upcoming appointments.

Call 4 Health is the best at meeting the needs of your patients. We specialize in numerous areas including as directors of patient access and directors of ambulatory care. Our services take the workload off of your staff, so you can focus on practicing medicine.

Streamline Your Practice Today!

Our Patient Access Call Center is the best solution you can use. Contact Call 4 Health today at 855-244-3258 and see how we can make a difference.

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