Service Line Marketing


Service Line Marketing

Launched a multi media (print, radio, tv, direct mail) marketing campaign for bariatric program. The marketing campaign was supported by PR and grass roots initiatives such as brochures, flyers and posters.

Marketing department was tasked with answering calls and responding to request for information; however, callers often were misdirected by switchboard operators or lost to voicemail.

  • staff unable to handle multiple calls and many respondents called when there was no one to answer the phone (lunch or after hours)
  • program administrator didn’t have the ability to decipher which medium was working best (print, radio, tv) to maximize advertising spending
  • hospital staff did not have the ability to book appointments through one call
  • staff took the callers’ information and transferred the calls to physician’s office for appointment setting but there was spotty phone coverage at the physician’s office
  • physicians didn’t have the resources in their office to do all the call-backs to callers in a timely manner
  • ended up losing business

Call 4 Health Solution:

  • Offered 24/7 live operator call handling and fulfillment of educational material regarding the program
  • Agents not only captured caller demographic and recorded “how heard” (for advertising tracking) but screened caller to ensure met criteria for surgery
  • Implemented a process to move people from needing information to registering them to attend seminar
  • Piloted an additional avenue for appointment setting in which the call center collaborated with the physician’s office to book consult / appointments
  • Call center managed the appointment follow-up via a reminder call 48 hours prior to appointment date

Return on Investment

  • By capturing information about advertising source, hospital was able to track how well the advertising was working and channel financial support to the marketing activities or mediums that yielded the best response
  • Enhanced patient flow during visit and enabled physician office to develop finance programs for self pay patients thereby reducing billing and administrative issues at the hospital
  • Delivered ROI of 345 over an 18 month period