What are Medical Outsourcing Services?


What are Medical Outsourcing Services?

The advent of modern technology has brought in a new revolution in every stream of work today. Since every part of the world is well connected, we can make use of the facilities available in different parts of the world. In such a scenario, a new concept of medical outsourcing services has gained a lot of momentum and brought in a revolution in the medical stream. Medical outsourcing involves getting special treatment and other medico-related services from medical practitioners around the world.

The concept of medical outsourcing has picked up because of the shortage of qualified medical practitioners in the country. The medical services outsourced to different countries range from medical transcription, which involves proper documentation of medical history and specific treatment of a patient, to outsourced call centers as well as clinical services which are oncology, orthopaedic services, molecular imaging and disease management. Outsourcing these services to other countries reduces the work pressure on specialists and is very benefitial for the patients as it saves on their time, gets them timely treatment and is very inexpensive compared to their home countries. Also, by medical services outsourcing, the patients can avail the most modern medical facilities and services at the costs they could never have imagined.

A number of countries cater to such outsourced medical work. Some of these countries are India, Australia, Switzerland, Israel and Brazil. Among these countries, India is one of the most favored ones because of the existence of a large number of well qualified specialists, nurses and medical staff as well as the most updated medical technology.

Aside of this, outsourced medical call centers or BPOs are also quite a rage these days. These BPOs provide services such as answering services and message management, online patient-physician communication, online appointment setting / confirmation, medical and health care equipment (i.e. purchasing or leasing.), patient surveys, managing health insurance claims, telemarketing and collections among other services.

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