Full Fledged Medical Support Services

Medical Answering Services

Full Fledged Medical Support Services

The primary function of a hospital or a nursing home is to provide emergency health care services to the patients who require immediate medical attention. These emergency services are affected specially after the regular working hours of the institution in the absence of proper medical support or answering services. Independent medical management services help the hospitals and medical institutions to take care of their after hours non medical functions.

Call 4 Health provides medical management services to medical and health care providers. We provide medical call center services to the hospitals, hospices, home care and physicians and other medical care providers. They provide professional, accurate and caring message management after the scheduled office hours of the medical organizations. The instant compassionate response and the help provided by company executives put the patients at ease. They even schedule, keep appointments and answer the queries related to the various aspects of the business.

Call 4 Health is one of the best hospital call centers that attend emergency calls. Our patient care executives are well versed with the newly revised Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). There are a variety of other services offered such as Online patient-physician communication, Outsourcing Solutions for all non-medical office duties, purchase & lease of Medical and Health care equipment, Patient Surveys, Patient Safety and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Software, Hardware and Equipment Vendors Referral for Physicians etc. Latest health and home care technology is incorporated in the day to day functioning of our doctor answering service. We have access to the best staff in USA from the Florida Atlantic University, University of Miami and Scripps Institute.

Call 4 Health is a health and safety call center that also provides online physician and patient communication. The process involves a three step procedure, which includes an initial clinical review where a licensed nurse conducts the summary of the patient. The second step includes a peer clinical review where the physician offers a clinical opinion on the patient’s condition. The third step involves medical appeal consideration, in which the patient agrees with the treatment offered and communicates with the physician through the internet.

Visit the site www.call4health.com to find out the medical management services offered by the company.