Physician Answering Service


Physician Answering Service

HIPAA-Compliant Physician answering Services Feature:

  • Personal Virtual Receptionist
  • 24 hour Call Handling
  • Insurance Verification
  • EMR Data Entry
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Clinical Trial Recruitment
  • Advertisement Tracking
  • Appointment Setting and Confirmation
  • And many more!

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Living in a remote area can prove dangerous at the time of emergency. This is when physician answering service comes into picture. People residing in remote areas find it difficult in accessing timely, quality specialty medical care resulting in a sad end. But this scenario has been now changed by Call4health as now the doctor is just a phone call away. Physician answering service or also known as doctor on call is on high especially in areas of concentrated population.

Call4health provide this medical answering service wherein you can easily contact the physician at the time of emergency. It has been seen that delayed treatment at times result in the loss of the life, thus to avoid that situation this interactive service is implemented. This physician answering service has proved to be the boon for the rural people as now they don’t have to travel far for the medical attention.

Call4health has made this service so popular and important that physician is available just a phone call away from patients and they can get these services anytime. This medical answering service is the best example of the advancements made, in the field of telecommunications. This improved technology has removed the geographical barriers between the patient and doctor. This service proves to be very beneficial at the time when a person suffers from heart attack.

During that phase if you call a doctor he can advice you in what to do and what not to. This ultimately results in saving the life of the person. By this physician answering service patient can get an easy access to the doctor and simultaneously assess the patient’s health concerns without the face-to-face interaction.

At Call4health they make sure that the doctor on call provides the services such as preventive medicine, education on how to stay healthy and to maximize the resources of the tertiary care facilities. The physician answering service is the best way to lower down the anxiety surrounded by the pain and fear. This medical answering service has given birth to the new term known as telemedicine. Telemedicine means diagnosing, treating and providing right prescription to a patient at a distance.

Call4health has made this medical answering service appropriate and there aren’t any problems faced while using this service. Thus, whenever you are in some problem and need urgent medical attention or help simply contact physician answering service available at Call4health and save the life of your loved one.