Converting callers to patients: ROI Results


Converting callers to patients: ROI Results

PVD Screening

  • Community outreach department developed a 3-day PVD screening in support of heart health
  • Promoted event through hospital’s community newsletter
  • Call 4 Health handled 225 calls in a 4 day timeframe, pre-screened and registered 180 people for the event
  • Of those, 21 had additional patient encounters at the hospital within 9 month period following screening
  • Hospital received $45,979 in net revenue from those visits
  • 29% of those were new patient visits

Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) Seminar

  • Call 4 Health fielded 68 calls for seminar registration
  • scheduled 13 women for physician consult/ office visit BEFORE attending seminar, with 8 of those women needing MIS surgery
  • Yielded $41,656 in related revenue
  • In the six months following the seminar, the hospital realized:
    • an additional 19 related outpatient visits
    • total charges of $73,089