Physician Info Referral Locator

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Physician Info Referral Locator

Call 4 Health makes it simple for your callers to obtain a physician referral. Our call center agents understand how to match callers’ preferences to a local physician affiliated with your organization. We take into account such things as office location, medical specialty, accepted insurance providers, office hours and anything else you specify. Call 4 Health’s Physician Information and Referral Services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Makes Finding A Physician Convenient And Easy For Customers
  • Helps Reinforce Customer Relationships
  • Positions Hospital As More Accessible And Visible In The Community
  • Provides Resource For Data Collection And ROI Analysis
  • Forum For Promoting Other Hospital Services

letIn addition to specialized training our agents receive, Call 4 Health can customize the processing of your calls. Based on your needs, our agents provide callers with information related to a physician’s office, assist with appointment scheduling, connect callers to physician’s office and promote service based on what their looking for when they need it. Call 4 Health can assist with any fulfillment requirements based what your caller’s need.

Call 4 Health adds value to any medical facility by outsourcing answering services to professional live U.S. based medical answering service operators. Call us now for more info or to listen to our courteous and professional operators 855.244.3258. Or contact us for more information on any of our medical answering solutions.

Physician Referral Services Program

Call 4 Health can assist your medical office to make it simple for your calls to obtain a physician referral. Utilizing our state-of-the-art technology, Call 4 Health agents are specially trained and understand how to match the callers’ preferences to a local physician that is affiliated with your organization. Our agents consider such criteria as the physician’s medical specialtyoffice locationinsurances that are acceptedcredentialsoffice hours, and any other variables that your database is capable of tracking. As with all of Call 4 Health’s Call Center services, Physician Referral Services can be provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call 4 Health can customize the way your calls are processed.  Based on your specific needs, our agents can provide callers with information that is related to a physician’s office, assist with your appointment scheduling, connect callers to physician’s offices and promote services related to their individual needs. As part of the Physician Referral Services program, Call 4 Health can assist with various fulfillment requirements based on the needs of the callers.

Physician referral service is a new concept that highlights the marvel of technological development in medical sector. Medical call centers are a bridge between the doctor and the patient. A connecting link that makes sure that the right information reaches the right audience who urgently needs to use it. The system provides immediate assistance to the hassled patient.

These emergency call centers are the latest facilities hospitals are using to handle their after hours physician calls. A number of physicians, pharmacists and other health care facilities are also opting for these very useful medical call centers. The medical service providers have a multiple advantage as this turnkey physician referral system takes care of their after hours referral calls, scheduling appointments and even fielding emergency calls.

Medical call center outsourcing is a boon for the patients as they are a platform that takes away the harassment factor away in state of emergency. The patient can select a physician on the basis of ZIP code or distance or even AMA medical specialization etc. The call center executives are equipped with the relevant data to answer the queries of the patient regarding the physicians. This re-usable service gives the patient a compassionate hearing and delivers accurate information according to the requirement.

Physician referral service gives the user; the medical service provider and the patient a platform to interact acting as a mediator both benefiting from the association. These medical call centers are a welcome relief to the medical service providers as they reduce their workload considerably. The medical facilities can thus concentrate on their specialized services more. These Emergency call centers provide the support they require to carry out their routine work.

The call centers have a database of physicians which are pooled according to their location, their specializations and degrees along with numerous other relevant factors. The centers give names of a few physicians that fit the patient’s requests. A policy of rotation is carried out so as to give all the referrals a fair chance.

Medical call center outsourcing is a long term phenomenon and is here to stay. The system is a specialized system that serves the medical sector. It tells us how prudent use of our technology, resources and their proper implementation provides us with customized solutions to varied needs. Physician referral service is also one such concept that is a welcome relief to the service provider and the service receiver.