400-bed Regional Hospital

Woman in medical attire smiling, wearing a headset.

400-bed Regional Hospital

Regional hospital wanted to increase enrollment for community lectures, seminars and screenings. Additionally, it sought to increase efficiency of outreach staff and improve response to community requests.

Call 4 Health Solution

  • Call 4 Health established a vanity number for hospital to use for all outreach programs
  • Operators available “24/7” to answer questions related to the event, process event registration, collect credit card payment whenever needed and sent out confirmation letters. These are tasks that were formerly done by 2 nurses and 1 clerical staff
  • The call center advised hospital leadership that with its outreach programs, there were many opportunities to support the hospital’s goal of enhancing physician relations. To that end, through a carefully scripted call handling protocol, in addition to taking registration for events, Call 4 Health operators offered callers physician referrals where appropriate.


  • Doubled (and in some instances tripled) class registrations by offering “convenient hours” of registration
  • Helped reduce labor costs, associated with program administration, by as much as 25%
  • Freed up community outreach nursing staff from administrative duties
  • Generated over 200 referrals to physician offices in a 9 month timeframe
  • Management able to measure and track the number of people who requested a physician referral, which physicians received a referral, compute how many converted to patients, and derive a net revenue figure
  • Built a comprehensive, real-time database of all interaction data that increased house file for donor prospecting which resulted in 3 medium size cash gifts and yielded 9 appointments for hospital services (imaging and surgical)
  • Revenue from call center contacts estimated at $1.04 million