Outbound Programs

Outbound Programs

Call 4 Health’s automated inbound and outbound calling programs provide the highest levels of service and flexibility while still being affordable for even a single practitioner office. Our customer business unit will provide you with a detailed analysis of your answering needs. We start with our customer models based on hundreds of client scenarios we have designed over the years. Upon matching you to a specific case scenario and call center plan we then tailor them to your specific needs.

Marketing campaigns

Call 4 Health number one goal is the growth of your business. We have created and currently manage successful customer acquisition programs for many prominent companies throughout the United States. It all begins with a detailed review and evaluation of your call center needs. Then we design a detailed plan for your specific needs as well as identifying additional revenue streams through advanced up-sell and cross-sell programs. Our customized solution utilizes every aspect of Call 4 Health’s fully-integrated outbound programs.



We train our call center agents according to your requirements and ensure that every customer relationship goal is met.

We constantly review our training processes to ensure maximum numbers of trained agents are always available. Our agents treat your customers as their own, creating the highest level of service. Each call is managed according to the custom tailored script developed by our team and approved by you facility/office. Our number one goal is your customer satisfaction.

With predefined metrics, our quality control team constantly measures success and monitors the outcome of every single call. With a personal account manager assigned to your program, all of your needs are taken care immediately, 24 hours a day.

We qualify leads, respond to advertising inquiries, close sales, process and fulfill orders and maximize your ROI by up-selling or cross selling similar or related products. Whatever your needs, Call 4 Health’s experienced professional team is will do the work and generate revenue and new leads for your company.


We work closely with you and your marketing team to design scripts that target your event registration program objectives. Your personalized script will be based on your campaign, type of callers, and language requirements. Call 4 Health will also assist you with a toll-free number, developing a reporting system that tracks results, and a customized training program.

24/7, Call 4 Health manages spikes in responses based on your promotional campaign whether it is generated via television, radio, print or Internet. We monitor and adjust staffing to ensure flexibility and respond to any 12th hour changes your marketing plans may need before going live.

Order Taking

Taking orders and responding to customer inquiries is one of Call 4 Health’s specialties. Our trained professionals will service each and every caller you have and ensure no one waits and no orders are lost. Don’t waste your marketing budget on missed opportunities. Our sales and client service agents are experts trained to handle your specific products.

Call 4 Health’s highly trained agents are some of the most experienced in the industry. Our agents are thoroughly trained and motivated to connect with your customers. Consistently cross selling and closing sales are our primary goals. Our organization is here to help your organization grow and succeed.

Whether your medium is electronic retailing, telemarketing, direct to consumer marketing, or other traditional ad placements, you need to be confident that your calls are being answered and serviced. After all, it’s not a call center that closes a sale, people do.

Call 4 Health can also help you to sell medical products to consumers. If it is health related we can sell it!

Service oriented architectures help manufacturers to get the most out of web services. Employees at Call 4 Health / Health Care Answering Service knew they had a good thing going with their process, but they also knew they had to make it better. The medical device manufacturers need to address emerging and new requirements for real time information. That is where web services and service oriented architectures emerged.

Web services enable business to share and request information with customers, suppliers and partners. With this added potential function, web services have a significant effect on manufacturing enterprises. To get the most out of web services, organizations are looking to re-architect their IT systems around re-use. Call 4 Health uses the cutting edge technology to provide the most effective service to the medical world.