Medical Answering Services at

Medical Answering Services

Medical Answering Services at

medical answering services takes care of your after hours patient calls. When a patient calls he is greeted by well trained and compassionate operators who answer the patient’s query. The operators are equipped with the relevant information as they have access to all the necessary information. They take appropriate action on the query whether it involves providing a specific answer, passing the message to the concerned doctor or nurse or even dispatching message. The patient can thus get hold of the nurse and the doctor after office hours in case of emergencies.

The Medical Answering Services offers a dual advantage to you. Firstly, the patient is happy as he gets immediate assistance from a friendly executive in an expedient manner. Secondly, you are able to avoid any inconvenience to the troubled patient or his family member and thus build credibility of your organization. Call 4 Health is a sort of medical call center that offers health care answering services to its customers. The customer type list includes a variety of individuals and institutions related to the healthcare sector such as hospices, pharmacies, doctors, physical therapists, home care, medical equipment companies, physicians and other care providers.

Call 4 Health offers a variety of other services as well that includes services such as:

  • The patient can get Online patient-physician communication services
  • The patient can get an Online Appointment Setting and Confirmation of the appointment
  • The company provides Outsourcing Solutions for all non-medical office duties of medical organizations
  • The company offers Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • The company also provides Physician Referral and Appointment Setting

Along with these services other services such as Online or phone conferencing, Patient Surveys, Disease management, Online Video Conferences, Software, Hardware and Equipment Vendors Referral for Physicians etc.

Call 4 Health performs as a virtual call center and is the perfect destination to outsource your medical answering services. It provides accessible and affordable healthcare assessment and referral services over phone. It also acts as a virtual office as it provides useful information about the patient to the doctor. It aids him in analyzing the patient’s condition and arriving at a decision that is best for him.

Visit the and find a variety of services that help your organization.