Call Center Solutions

Appointment Scheduling

As a healthcare organization, scheduling appointments is a large part of your operation. You need a reliable and efficient appointment scheduling service that enables your patients to be able to schedule appointments with you at their convenience any time of day. Often, medical su?pport staff is unable to consistently process calls while attending to their core duties of interacting with patients and handling their administrative responsibilities.

Clinical Trial Recruitment And Retention

Patient Acquisition Marketing — Call 4 Health has helped develop custom patient acquisition programs focused on clinical trial screening. We’ve demonstrated our ability to identify and reach current and potential targeted patients far surpassing our client’s expectations.

Customer Service/Help Desk

Call 4 Health’s U.S. based medical answering staff will take on the responsibility of managing your customers. We pride ourselves in building long lasting relationships with our clients by managing every detail of your customers’ experience. No need to worry about accents or language barriers here, our award winning U.S. based medical staff speak fluent English as well as several common languages including Spanish, Creole, French and Portuguese.

Custom Outbound Programs

Call 4 Health number one goal is the growth of your business. We have created and currently manage successful customer acquisition programs for many prominent companies throughout the United States. It all begins with a detailed review and evaluation of your call center needs. Then we design a detailed plan for your specific needs as well as identifying additional revenue streams through advanced up-sell and cross-sell programs.

Electronic Messaging

Business never stops, especially on the Internet. This is why Call 4 Health’s live web chat agents are crucial and a powerful tool for your organization. Available 24/7, Call 4 Health assists your web-enabled customers when they need help not just when your doors are open. Call4Health’s web chat service uses state of the art Internet software to serve them.

Event Registration

Our entire state of the art call center has been designed and managed to enhance every aspect of your marketing and advertising effort. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions or live agents will help you to reach every customer in the most cost-effective manner. Call 4 Health’s IVR solutions incorporate cutting-edge speech recognition technology, which enhances customer satisfaction and increases sales.

Marketing Campaigns

Call 4 Health Call Center offers you several marketing campaign solutions at an economically feasible rate. We’ll support and bring your vision to fruition. We will work closely with you to ensure that your call center outsourcing campaign is tailored extensively to meet your goals.

Order Taking

Taking orders and responding to customer inquiries is one of Call 4 Health’s specialties. Our trained professionals will service each and every caller you have and ensure no one waits and no orders are lost. Don’t waste your marketing budget on missed opportunities. Our sales and client service agents are experts trained to handle your specific products.

Physician Info/Referral/Locator

Call 4 Health makes it simple for your callers to obtain a physician referral. Our call center agents understand how to match callers’ preferences to a local physician affiliated with your organization. We take into account such things as office location, medical specialty, accepted insurance providers, office hours and anything else you specify.

Call 4 Health adds value to any medical facility by outsourcing answering services to professional live U.S. based medical answering service operators. Call us now for more info or to listen to our courteous and professional operators 855.244.3258. Or contact us for more information on any of our medical answering solutions.