Order Taking

Health Call Center

Order Taking

  • Single / Multiple Product Order Taking
  • Catalog Order Processing
  • Toll-Free Ad Response & Fulfillment
  • Sales Promotion Calls
  • Credit Card Authorization & Processing
  • Confirmation Of Product Orders / Reorders
  • Information & Referral Programs
  • Product / Dealer / Zip Code Locator Services
  • Product Hotlines / Complaints
  • Rebate Processing / Coupon Redemption
  • Help Desk / Customer Support

Let Us Help Your Organization Grow And Succeed.

Taking orders and responding to customer inquiries is one of Call 4 Health’s specialties. Our trained professionals will service each and every caller you have and ensure no one waits and no orders are lost. Don’t waste your marketing budget on missed opportunities. Our sales and client service agents are experts trained to handle your specific products.

Call 4 Health’s highly trained agents are some of the most experienced in the industry. Our agents are thoroughly trained and motivated to connect with your customers. Consistently cross selling and closing sales are our primary goals. Our organization is here to help your organization grow and succeed.

Whether your medium is electronic retailing, telemarketing, direct to consumer marketing, or other traditional ad placements, you need to be confident that your calls are being answered and serviced. After all, it’s not a call center that closes a sale, people do.

Product Sales / Upsell

Call 4 Health can also help you to sell medical products to consumers. If it is health related we can sell it!

Medical Products Support Order Fulfillment

Service oriented architectures help manufacturers to get the most out of web services. Employees at Call 4 Health / Health Care Answering Service knew they had a good thing going with their process, but they also knew they had to make it better. The medical device manufacturers need to address emerging and new requirements for real time information. That is where web services and service oriented architectures emerged.

Web services enable business to share and request information with customers, suppliers and partners. With this added potential function, web services have a significant effect on manufacturing enterprises. To get the most out of web services, organizations are looking to re-architect their IT systems around re-use. Call 4 Health uses the cutting edge technology to provide the most effective service to the medical world.