Top 5 Patient Retention Issues Physicians Face and How They Can Be Solved

impatient woman looking at watch in waiting room

The medical community is becoming increasingly more competitive, with savvy patients seeking care from the best doctors in the business. It is not uncommon for people to shop around for the best care, leaving doctors that they may have known for a long time. Patient retention issues can be overcome with diligence, commitment, and authenticity in all interactions.

Here are five of the most pervasive issues that arise, along with patient retention solutions that physicians use to resolve them for lasting success with their practices.

1. Poor Office Infrastructure

The efficiency of your office is immediately apparent to patients when they walk in the door. If they see team members struggling to manage appointments and paperwork or demonstrating poor attitudes, they will not want to return. Equipping your office with online appointment management and billing tools will keep things running smoothly, and your employees will respond by embracing efficiency and improving their attitudes.

2. Long Waiting Periods

A full schedule is a good problem to have, but not when it compromises your ability to see your patients in a timely manner. The longer the wait times in your office, the more likely that you’ll be on the receiving end of a classic patient no show. To avoid this, make sure that you follow up with reminders and timely appointment slots in your schedule to indicate that you value their business and are committed to respecting their time.

3. Relationship Management Issues

No amount of partnering with patient recruitment and retention service providers can make up for a poor relationship with your clients. As soon as a new patient comes through your door, you are responsible for finding out more about their needs and why they came to you. You must then communicate how you intend to fill these needs and continue to ensure good health while they are in your care. People who find themselves with too many barriers will soon become patient no shows. Go the extra mile with check-ins, appointment reminders, and postcards on birthdays and holidays that show you value your relationship with them and wish to continue serving them.

4. Patient Retention in Clinical Trials

When it comes to clinical trials patient recruitment, issues arise with ensuring the integrity of such trials due to non-participation. Patient retention in clinical trials is a concern for the success of any new medical study. Without careful attention to the patient process, clinical trials patient recruitment can affect the outcome of studies and make outcomes unreliable and ineffective. Providing ample opportunities for patient feedback and pleasant experiences with clinical trials will positively affect the outcome of both research and patient relationships that will impact your business.

5. Poor Communication

Communication does not offer a one-size-fits-all method of ensuring that your patients feel heard, valued, and respected. Putting systems in place to encourage ongoing communication via phone, email, and regular mail will keep patients informed and up-to-date on all matters related to their medical care. The addition of patient recruitment and retention service providers can be an ongoing part of building and maintaining good client relationships.

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