Telemedicine Solutions for Therapists

Due to a nationwide shortage of behavioral health practitioners, many facilities struggle to provide access to proper care. Call 4 Health Tele-Psych solution is the perfect fit to relieving the shortage of qualified psychiatrists. With our telemedicine platform and our network of providers your patients can get the care they need anywhere, anytime.

Our psychiatrists partner with you to evaluate patients on demand. If it’s a one-time consultation, ongoing treatment or managing a patients’ medication our network of providers can be there for support.


Call 4 Health’s Telepsychiatry providers can provide the same care an in-person provider can. In fact, A study of the outcomes of care for 8,000 patients who used telemedicine services found no difference between the virtual appointment and an in-person office visit. Using a quality, secure video connection and teleconference, Call 4 Health’s providers see patients in your facility’s office and provide a range of services including:

  • Initial evaluations
  • Diagnosis
  • Medication management
  • Consultation with on-site providers
  • Participations in multi-disciplinary treatment teams
  • Consultation with primary care physicians and pediatricians

How it works

  1. Patients arrive in the ER and are entered into system or Patients access the system directly pre-visit
  2. Queue Managers prioritize patients and initiate remote specialist sessions
  3. Using Bluestream technology, the are automatically routed to the right specialist
  4. Remote specialist conducts session with the patient
  5. Post session detailed data is generated
  6. Portals for post-acute and concierge care are presented to patients and care providers
  7. Telemedicine is scaleable, customizable, cost effective and live within 48 hours

Key Benefits

  • Quick and efficient access to psychiatry care
  • Program can be implemented in a matter of weeks
  • Can be billed through insurance
  • Little to no out of pocket expense

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