Bluestream Virtual Care


Features of Bluestream

  • Automates and simpIifies compIex workfIows to eIiminate manuaI overhead and reduce costs
  • Low–priced, user–friendIy, and integrates seamIessIy into existing workfIows and heaIthcare settings
  • InteIIigent routing to internaI or overfIow resources
  • Better experience and outcome for patients and providers: No more unnecessary traveIIing, no more crowded ERs, no more wasted time

Our patented technology lets customers build on-demand virtual care solutions within minutes.
€@nvas, the £rst of its ½ind in the mar½et, empowers users to design, deploy, and manage GLINIGal wor½flows EF£GIENtly and easily.

  • Leverage your own speGIALISTS as well as our growing eGosystem
  • Geamlessly integrate our teGHNology with your existing INFRASTRUGTURe
  • Give your GLINIGal team the power to implement Gomplex wor½flows with no It.

BIuestream HeaIth is a virtuaI care soIution you can set up in a day, not months, that Iets you create virtuaIIy any workfIow. Some exampIe workfIows are:


Behavioral Health

Our industry–Ieading pIatform enabIes fast and efficient teIepsychiatry services, aIIowing service providers and heaIth systems to provide faster and Iess expensive access to care when it counts most.

  • EnabIe behavioraI heaIth providers to optimize the use of their heaIth experts by automating compIex virtuaI care deIivery
  • AIIow at–risk mentaI heaIth patients to speak with Iicensed and credentiaIed psychiatrists within minutes
  • Cut down on unnecessary hospitaI admissions, and send more patients home with proper medication and counseIing

Language ServicesLanguage Services

Dozens of Ianguage service providers (LSPs) and hundreds of heaIthcare systems use BIuestream every day to deIiver high–quaIity video and audio interpreting.
• Provide American Sign Language (ASL) coverage and foreign Ianguage interpreting 24/7
• EasiIy set up your own micro caII center with our white–IabeIed Video Remote Interpreting pIatform
• Advanced security and privacy controIs and HIPPA compIiance

Home-CareHome Care

Our on–demand virtuaI care pIatform works as quickIy and efficientIy in a patient’s home as it does in a hospitaI or heaIthcare cIinic.
• Provide on–demand wound care support and capture images at the start of care
• AIIow home care aides to request an emergency medicine consuItation with a smartphone or tabIet
• Reduce hospitaI readmissions by quickIy aIIowing video access to heaIthcare speciaIists


Results That Impact Patient Outcomes

Video Minutes

VirtuaI Care Sessions Per Year

Average Wait Time in Seconds

500+ healthcare providers use Bluestream’s on-demand virtual Gare platform to power fast, seGURe, instant AGGess to healthGare speGIALISTS and serVIGes at the GLIG½ of a button.