Telephone Triage: COVID-19 Hotlines

COVID-19 Hotline


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed course several times, and predicting its exact end is a virtually impossible task. Thus, your healthcare facility must continue to provide services related to COVID-19. A telephone triage system can help in directing the high volume of calls the practice is receiving and in getting callers the necessary guidance in an efficient fashion. Partnering with such a call center has numerous benefits for your practice.

Staying Relevant

Patients want to know that your healthcare facility is taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. While protocols have changed over time as the severity of the pandemic lessens, serious issues do still exist. Establishing lines that are specifically dedicated to inquiries related to COVID-19 lets patients know that your facility is taking these concerns seriously.

Directing Calls

Partnering with Call 4 Health steers callers in the right direction. For example, some individuals are likely calling with questions about exposure to COVID-19, and others have inquiries about symptoms they are experiencing. Telephone Nurse Triage can ask callers a series of questions to get individuals connected with the right resources.

Scheduling Appointments

Representatives working for the hotline can also help your facility in scheduling appointments. Whether your healthcare practice offers COVID-19 vaccines, testing, or other services, callers want to make appointments. When you opt for this service, you may even choose to switch to an appointment-based system. In other words, your healthcare facility may be having difficulty managing a walk-in system with the increased number of patients. However, the increase in volume has not allowed you the time to establish a scheduling system. The hotline can help with this matter.

Managing Call Volume

One particular issue that healthcare facilities have been struggling with during the pandemic is the increased volume of calls. In fact, your healthcare facility might not be able to keep up with the pace, thereby leading to dissatisfied patients. Partnering with a call center means you’ll have a great deal of help in addressing the volume.

Offering Appropriate Resources

In addition to getting calls directed to the right people, COVID-19 hotlines also help to provide individuals with the appropriate resources for their needs. Some callers may need to know where to go to get at-home tests in their neighborhoods or how to schedule an appointment for an in-person COVID-19 test. Other callers will want to speak with a representative about signs to watch for that their condition may be getting more serious. Call 4 Health can explain the appropriate resources to individuals.

Giving You the Necessary Time

When it comes to healthcare, your main focus is on the patients and their needs. However, when the phone is constantly ringing with questions and concerns regarding COVID-19, you may not have the same amount of time to spend with each patient that you once did, which can lead to patient frustrations. Partnering with a call center gives you some of that time back.

At a time when the healthcare system is overburdened, do not allow your facility to become a victim. Partner with a COVID-19 call center to restore order and improve daily happenings. Call Call 4 Health today to get started