Synergies Between Patient Access Centers and Hospital Communication Systems

Patient Access Centers

The hospital environment can be intimidating for both nurses and patients. With an influx of people coming in, it isn’t easy to keep tabs on them all. Nurses may not be aware that a patient has just arrived in the hospital. What’s worse, patients may not know how to find the person they are looking for. These two situations can lead to miscommunications for both sides and valuable time lost waiting around. Here are ways to improve hospital communication systems with patient access centers.


1. Identify the Potential


Hospitals should take advantage of patient access call centers to gain extra insight into how they are doing and where they may need help. Hospitals should provide patient access centers with information on their patients, such as their ages, lengths of stay, procedure preferences, etc. This data can be used by the PAC to better connect with the patient in order to provide them with a seamless experience during their stay in the hospital.


2. Use the Data


Providing the PAC with the information from patients can help them understand how to provide the people in their care with a better experience. Hospitals should create a patient database for patient access centers to utilize, giving them in-depth knowledge of each patient and where they come from. This will allow PAC to send out targeted mailers, targeted posters, and even targeted phone calls, leading to an improved experience while staying in the hospital.


3. Encourage Patient Satisfaction


Hospitals should create a culture of satisfaction among the employees at the hospital, their patients, and their potential patients. A multitude of complaints from different sites may lead to a decline in patient numbers due to negative word of mouth. Patient access centers can take on this task and be the link between the hospital staff, nurses, technicians, and even patients. They can understand what is wrong with this communication and what needs to be fixed in order to increase patient satisfaction.


4. Reduce Costs


Enjoying the patient’s experience at the hospital is vital for both sides, but hospitals should not focus specifically on the cost of patient satisfaction. This method aims to improve communication between all sides to provide a better overall experience for patients and staff alike. Hospitals should provide patient access centers with possible ways to cut costs to improve the Hospital Communication Systems and decrease patient satisfaction.


5. Industry Trends


Employees at patient access call centers should try to stay on top of current trends and understand what is happening in today’s modern society. They will be able to provide patients with the information they need and have a better understanding of how to improve their service and experience. The hospital will be able to provide more data for the PAC due to improved communication, which will lead to a better overall experience for patients during their stay at the hospital.




The phone-based assistance center is an integral aspect of the patient care infrastructure in America’s healthcare system. Patients can operate at ease over their computer or mobile device for concerns about health insurance or billing issues, medical advice from doctors or pharmacists, and general information about medicines or symptoms. Call 4 Health knows that this experience needs to be positive, which is why our well-trained staff provides the most efficient, effective, and professional solution.