Reasons Why Doctors Should Use Answering Services

Young doctor talking with senior impaired male patient

Doctors often experience high call volumes during the day, especially during regular office hours. For the specialist who deals with patients who have urgent needs, the ability to document calls and record messages outside of regular office hours is essential. Medical answering services allow doctors to remain in contact with their patients when needed and also allow doctors to provide better care to their patients. Much like an after-hours receptionist, medical answering services record patient communications, document patient needs and messages, and are fully compliant with HIPAA regulations regarding patient privacy.


Call 4 Health answering services are customized to a particular area of medical practice. Trained operators know when to escalate a call to emergency response and how to tailor responses based on whether they are answering for a hospital or a doctor’s office. This includes operating according to specific protocols determined by the client.

Manage Call Volume

Doctors answering services act as secondary receptionists, even during regular office hours in some cases. In times of high demand, the regular office receptionist might not be able to keep up with a steady influx of calls at which point the medical answering service takes over. Call 4 Health’s answering service Margate FL location can take messages, schedule appointments, and ensure that patient calls are promptly addressed at any hour of any day.

Cost Management

Physician answering services allow employees to better manage their time in the clinic or medical setting without the distraction of answering calls. Every minute spent on the phone is time an employee spends away from other tasks, even if answering the phone is their primary job. Medical answering services allow medical facilities to avoid having to hire extra staff to manage the calls by acting as a single point of contact, which reduces employee costs.

Decreased Liability

Call 4 Health’s answering service Margate FL location documents every patient call and interaction, providing HIPAA-compliant records of patient calls that might be needed in the case of patient disputes. Calls are dated and time-stamped, all of which help keep a medical practice safe from liability.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Patients who feel better connected to their physicians experience less anxiety and better overall satisfaction with their care. When you can reach a medical practice at any time through doctors answering services and get your questions answered within the scope of the answering service’s ability, you will feel more at ease. This allows the medical staff to focus only on the important and emergency-related calls and not be distracted by answering simple questions that the call service can answer. This usually means less wait time for callbacks as well.

A professional medical answering service is just what your medical practice needs to better address the needs of your patients in a timely fashion, help compile documentation of patient questions and concerns, and increase overall patient satisfaction. Our call answering services help eliminate patient frustration at getting a busy signal or answering machine when they need immediate answers and help ease the burden of excessive phone call volume. We would love to answer your questions about our medical provider services, so call Call 4 Health today to learn more!