Here Are 4 Important Reasons to Use Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine services allow patients to connect with a care provider without leaving the comforts of their home. When patients have questions regarding their health, they can use HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tools to speak with a healthcare provider after hours. 

This especially benefits individuals who live in rural or remote areas and are not conveniently located near a hospital or doctor’s office. 

It also benefits seniors who are housebound and currently aging in place.

Remote medical care has become more popular as hospitals and medical practices have adopted the latest advances in technology. With the current global pandemic, there is more need for telemedicine services, as fewer patients want to risk leaving their homes to make in-person appointments. This is particularly true for seniors who are at high risk of developing serious Covid-19 symptoms.

As a physician, you may be wondering if you should adopt telemedicine services for your practice. We’ve listed a few reasons why you should, keep reading to learn more!

Accessible Medical Care

Some of your patients may live in rural or remote areas, several miles away from your practice. Or you may have sick and elderly patients who are housebound but are still in need of effective delivery of care. With Covid-19 still a clear and present danger, patients with underlying conditions or weak immune systems may not want to leave their homes and risk getting sick.

Telemedicine services can be the solution to all of these problems. Call 4 Health provides a 100 percent HIPAA-compliant virtual care solution so you can virtually connect with your patients instantly – anytime, anywhere. With this system in place, you can offer treatment and solutions without having to risk their safety or the safety of others in the office. 

Improved Patient Satisfaction and Care

With more accessible care comes higher patient satisfaction. An obvious reason telemedicine services can improve patient satisfaction is convenience. No patient enjoys traveling to the doctor’s office, only to sit in the waiting room to be seen.

When you use our telemedicine services, your patients can simply log in to the practice’s video conferencing portal for follow-up appointments, medication refills, and basic check-ins. Convenient care leads to healthier, more satisfied patients, which leads to better reviews and increased business for you.

Reduced Costs 

Telemedicine reduces costs for both the patient and the doctor. Patients spend a lot of time and money making their doctor’s appointments. In many cases, they have to miss work, spend money on gas, possible tolls, and paying for parking.  

The cost and stress associated with making their appointment often lead to last-minute cancellations, which can hurt your business’ revenue. With telemedicine, as long as your patient has a laptop or smart device, s/he can make their appointment, with the only cost being the doctor’s visit.

If you’re a doctor at a hospital or doctor’s office who hasn’t adopted call center solutions because of costs, you’ll be surprised that it’s affordable to implement. Call center solutions don’t cost as much as most hospital systems, because they do not require the same amount of time or staff.

Reduced ER Admissions 

It’s no secret that many people turn to the emergency room as a quick solution for medical issues they may be experiencing. In some cases, the emergency room is the right place to help the patient, in other cases, patients learn that they could have sought out other solutions. 

By adopting reliable call center solutions, hospitals can reduce the level of unnecessary ER visits. ER staff can provide answers and quick triage solutions over the phone saving both the Er time and the patient.

Call 4 Health uses Bluestream technology, which allows on-demand virtual services in minutes. Our affordable services are user-friendly and can seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and healthcare settings. Key features of Bluestream technology are:

  • Automates and simplifies complex workflows to eliminate manual overhead and reduce costs
  • Intelligent routing to internal or overflow resources
  • Better experience and outcome for patients and providers

Why Call 4 Health 

As you can see, telemedicine offers convenience and flexibility for patients, particularly those with extenuating circumstances. By contacting Call 4 Health to use our telemedicine virtual care solution, you receive call center solutions that can be set up in one day and allows you to create almost any workflow. Contact us today by filling out our contact form or calling (855) 244-3258.