Community Clinics Are The Heart of Healthcare

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Community clinics are community-based and patient-directed organizations that serve populations with limited access to health care. Every community clinic’s focus is on providing culturally competent and high-quality healthcare services to every patient who visits them. 

In 2015 alone, community clinics served 24.3 million patients all across America. 55% of these clinics are situated in rural areas, while 45% are in urban areas. Research has shown that the demand for these clinics is growing with time, and maintaining the same level of healthcare can be difficult for clinics without some extra help. 

With help from community clinics telephone triage nurses, community clinics can ensure that all of their patients get the attention they deserve.

Call 4 Health’s triage nurse call answering service for community clinics is the go-to solution for patients when a problem arises.

Quality Triage Nurse Call Answering Service For Community Clinics

At Call 4 Health, we focus on using our stellar triage nurse call answering service for several community clinics around the country. Our professionals work on weekends and evenings when other healthcare staff in a community clinic are not available to help.

Give Patients Proper Treatment After An Accident/Injury

The trained professionals working for Call 4 Health know the appropriate questions they need to ask to assess the situation properly. This can be particularly important for workplace injuries because determining the appropriate level of care is essential. 

For instance, an acute trauma causes a single-incident injury which can happen because of slips and falls. When one seeks help from a triage nurse from Call 4 Health, they can rest assured knowing they’re getting quality healthcare. 

The nurse’s triage is in a much better position to assess whether it’s a minor cut that only needs a bandage or a deep laceration that may require stitches.  

Limit Unnecessary Visits

Without a healthcare provider, people often tend to exaggerate their injuries and rush to the emergency room or urgent care. A triage nurse call answering service for community clinics can provide patients with an accurate initial assessment, which can drastically the traffic of patients you have to deal with. 

Due to the costs associated with every trip to a healthcare provider, this benefit can prove to be huge for your patients. They’ll definitely thank you for it.

Additional Ways to Avail Medical Services

A triage nurse call answering service for community clinics by Call 4 Health gives your prospective additional access to the medical services you’re offering. With the help of triaging, your patients are more likely to seek your services since it’s going to be easy for them. 

Patients will conveniently access your healthcare services and feel accommodated, making them more likely to use your services again. 

Quality Healthcare With Triaging

Community clinics telephone triage nurses have become an increasingly important element of improving healthcare services in community clinics. The highly-trained nurses working for Call 4 Health use state-of-the-art technology to provide effective and accurate diagnoses to people seeking healthcare guidance. 

Contrary to popular belief, triage nurse call answering services for community clinics do not compromise on the quality of healthcare being provided by an institution. As a result, patients are more likely to trust these professionals, which ensures a patient stays with you for the longer run. 

When a patient is satisfied, they can also recommend your services to other prospective clients. 

Easing the Load On Non-Medical Staff

When you limit unnecessary visits to a community clinic, not only do you save your patients from a hassle, but you also let your hardworking staff take a breather. When an injury happens, there’s usually less chance of having a doctor or a paramedic within the general vicinity. In the absence of healthcare professionals, non-medical employees are often tasked with the responsibility of making an initial assessment of the injury. 

When a community clinic has Call 4 Health’s nurse triaging service, a trained professional is always present to give expert advice. 

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