Why You Should Implement Remote Patient Monitoring in Your Clinic This Year

Doctor connecting with patient remotely

Technological innovations have brought significant improvements to the healthcare industry. One of the most notable innovations is RPM.

RPM involves the use of mobile monitoring devices to collect health data from patients and transmit this information to healthcare professionals through the internet. The information may include vital signs, blood pressure, weight, etc.

RPM gained more popularity in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. More healthcare providers are adopting the technology to reap more financial benefits and offer more effective healthcare. Find out below why you should adopt RPM for your clinic.

Improved Patient-Clinician Relationship

Some patients may not be comfortable sharing some details about their chronic illnesses. When a patient and a clinician have a good relationship, the patient feels more comfortable revealing intricate details about their conditions.

A patient can easily reach out to nurse triage services with RPM. RPM builds a relationship between a patient and a caregiver by easing the communication between these two parties. This helps to boost better patient outcomes, hence increasing your clinic’s popularity.

Availing Healthcare in Rural Areas

Underserved communities in rural areas stand a higher chance of losing their lives to chronic illnesses than urban residents. Specialists such as pulmonologists and cardiologists are usually scarce. If you are a specialist in a unique field, telehealth enables you to offer services and save patient lives in multiple areas across the country.

Telemedicine services allow patients to connect with nurse triage in Delray Beach in real time. In addition to being a convenient way to reach patients in remote areas, telemedicine services may be the only available option for people who are too far from a specialist.

RPM Protects You from Contracting Diseases

Healthcare providers are at the highest risk of contracting highly infectious diseases. Professionals in your clinic who offer nurse triage services can determine the kind of care a patient needs when they speak on the phone.

This enables you to offer telemedicine consulting services and reduces the number of times patients visit your hospital. As a result, the chances of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, spreading to healthcare providers and other patients reduce.

Free Up Inadequate Hospital Resources

Pandemics, such as COVID-19, put a lot of strain on hospitals. A shortage of hospital beds and staff arises when the number of patients continues to grow daily.

RPM allows you to offer telemedicine consulting services and monitor your patients without having them come over to the hospital. The available beds are only reserved for severe cases.

Quick Access to Patient Data

RPM uses a wide range of connected devices to monitor patients. These devices include biometric sensors, blood pressure cuffs, implantable devices, glucometers, pulse oximeters, and more.

The devices enable healthcare providers to access patient data quickly. When used with other RPM solutions, the devices can help quicken diagnoses and create appropriate changes to treatment plans.

Increased Revenue

The ultimate objective of any business is to reduce costs and increase revenue. RPM helps to reduce hospital readmissions, avoid Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalties related to readmission, and reduce administration costs.

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