Why Nurse Triage Answering Services Make Sense for Your Virginia Health Practice

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Call 4 Health offers 4 ways our services help your patients when you are not available

Let’s face it, this pandemic has not helped doctor’s offices slow down any. All medical workers are overworked and desperate to find more time to spend with their patients. Our current condition of public urgency and an overwhelmed medical system is exactly why Call 4 Health entered the nurse triage answering service industry to begin with back in 1997.

While we live in a world where patients can communicate over social media or via the contact form on a website, most patients would prefer to use their smartphones first to simply call their Virginia-based doctor, clinic or hospital. The increased call volume because of COVID-19 only puts additional stress on your already overburdened human resources. As of this writing, there are over 270,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases in the state of Virginia, with 4,335 deaths being attributed to the disease, which means all roughly 9 million VA residents are on high alert and looking for answers.

Give your Switchboard (and Physicians) a Break

Telephone Nurse Triage led by experienced nurses is in increased demand for consultations throughout the entirety of medical specialties. When a service has been trained to follow the specific protocols of your practice, the benefits are substantial. Consider:

  1. Genuine After-Hours Care

When someone has a medical problem serious enough that they want to consult their doctor, it does not always happen between the hours of 9am and 5pm. If all they hear when they call your practice is your hours of operation, they may decide to make an unnecessary trip to the emergency room instead. Save your patients time and money with a triage service that they can trust for care beyond “business hours.”

  1. Qualified to Make the Calls

To be honest, most people would prefer to avoid going to either the doctor’s office or the hospital, especially these days, and there are many common health issues that can be handled at home when directed by a professional. When you have a nurse triage working on behalf of your Virginia practice, you will see a reduction in unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office, benefiting both you and the patient.

  1. A Comforting, Experienced Voice

When a baby or toddler gets into things they are not supposed to, new parents need a reassuring voice. When a child or even an elderly family member has an allergic reaction and whomever is in charge needs to know how severe it might get, it is important they get advice they can trust. Utilizing a nurse triage answering service for your VA practice means your patients are interacting with a registered nurse who has the experience and training to know how you would want that patient treated. It is truly about your patient’s peace of mind.

  1. Putting Your Patient’s Satisfaction First

An overwhelmed office makes focusing on patient’s satisfaction a challenge at least. Having a nurse triage service rather than an answering service or a system of recorded options, has been proven to increase patient satisfaction across the board. Patients are usually very happy when they receive professional medical advice over the phone, more so when the advice was introduced as an option by their personal physician.

That does not even reflect on the cost of hiring a receptionist or appointment setter when compared to using nurse triage services. Nor does it mention the relationships Call 4 Health has already developed with physician practices, hospitals, community clinics, health plans and business organizations worldwide. When you partner with Call 4 Health, you are expanding from your Virginia practice to being part of a literal global network.

Mostly we want to focus on the fact that our registered nurses offer compassionate, one-on-one phone assessments to help your patients determine the appropriate level of care for their situation. No matter if it is home care solutions, setting up an appointment with your practice or recommending they go immediately to the E.R., you and your clients will be getting a better night’s sleep.

If you are interested in learning more about implementing a nurse triage service for your practice, clinic, or hospital in the state of Virginia (or Maryland, or South Carolina, etc.), simply contact Call 4 Health for a complimentary consultation.