Telemedicine vs. Remote Patient Monitoring: How They Are Different?

Patient consulting with doctor online

An increasingly popular telehealth service is RPM, which allows patients to stay in the comfort of their own homes while still receiving necessary medical care. It is possible to treat chronic and acute illnesses thanks to RPM. It also reduces patients’ time, money, and risk when traveling for medical care, especially for those working with Call 4 Health for their reliable nurse triage in Delray Beach and other services like medical answering, outboard programs, telemedicine, interactive voice response, and more.

What Is RPM? 

The term “remote patient monitoring” is among the tasks assumed in nurse triage services that refers to providing medical treatment using cutting-edge technology to collect and analyze patient information outside conventional medical facilities. One of RPM’s primary objectives is to expand access to medical treatment beyond the walls of hospitals and doctor’s offices.

As a result, people don’t have to bother going to the doctor as often, and they may continue leading relatively everyday lives in their own homes. These technological advancements serve as the foundation for enhanced patient and provider communication, leading to better healthcare.

Putting a Fitbit or any other wellness monitoring equipment that transmits data and statistics to your doctor is one example of a basic RPM strategy. You can then collaborate on a plan to alter your habits and routines to improve your health by contacting nurse triage services for assistance. Doing so enhances general health and helps treat existing medical concerns.

The illness being managed and the patient’s way of life dictates the choice of gadgets. Devices are selected for RPM based on the individual’s lifestyle and requirements.

In addition to giving patients a better sense of their health, such technology also allows people to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices. The use of RPM can also aid doctors in keeping consistent patient measurements.

What Is Telehealth? 

For quite some time, electronic equipment has been used to provide healthcare electronically through a practice known as telehealth. Call 4 Health is conversant with telehealth and provides telemedicine consulting services for its clients. Telehealth is the best option if there is some physical separation between the patients and healthcare professionals. It’s not just for a natural disaster like Covid-19; people are told to stay home from work to be safe.

Although a physical examination is necessary to assess and treat some disorders, many others may be handled competently and successfully via remote diagnosis and treatment.

The use of telemedicine services for medical treatment has some drawbacks. If the client’s provider experiences technical difficulties, the client may be required to visit the office physically. However, telemedicine consulting services by Call 4 Health can help overcome the significant hurdles. Nevertheless, this would vary based on their illness, as some disorders are beyond virtual diagnosis and treatment scope.

Telemedicine vs. RPM

The primary distinction between telemedicine services and RPM is that the former uses technologies to engage with patients remotely. Instead, “telehealth” refers to the broader field and the associated technology.

Thus, RPM is just one of several applications of telehealth. Medical professionals are increasingly turning to telehealth to provide better care for their clients, which encompasses a wide range of data collection and exchange technologies.

Contact Call 4 Health today for nurse triage in Delray Beach and assistance with RPM and telehealth, among other services, to transform how your healthcare facility attends to your clients.