Remote Patient Monitoring vs. Remote Patient Management

Patient consulting with doctor on tablet

To make remote patient monitoring and remote patient management easier to understand, we must break the concepts into two distinct groups: quality of life and patient data. For further clarification, the remote patient management services and technologies we use at Call 4 Health allow caregivers and medical practitioners the tools they need to improve patient outcomes. Whether an individual needs emergency medical services during their stay or to speak with a nurse, our suite of remote implementations helps you efficiently manage your clientele.

Conversely, remote patient monitoring is a brilliant solution for medical professionals who want to monitor their patient’s vital metrics. From blood sugar levels to blood pressure and oxygen saturation, Call 4 Health has a solution for your needs. Although your needs may vary, here are the domains improved by utilizing our sensors, hardware and software solutions:

  • Side effects of diabetes
  • Sleep quality and apnea
  • Breathing-related conditions, such as asthma
  • Weight fluctuations

And if that weren’t enough, our Call 4 Health solutions cut overhead expenditure, allowing your medical practice to boost its productivity and revenue.

Who Benefits From Remote Health Services and Monitoring Technology?

The beauty of remote patient monitoring services is that it benefits both the medical practitioner and the patient. Patients who are immobile or dwell in distant locations have access to the healthcare services and monitoring technologies they need to live a productive lifestyle. Moreover, medical practitioners can quickly scan and engage with patient data, removing the need for time-consuming clinical visits and additional paperwork.

Another beneficial aspect of our remote patient monitoring services here at Call 4 Health is that it encourages patient self-reliance and independence. When patients can easily monitor their health metrics and communicate with their specialists, it frees up valuable time to engage in life’s pressing matters. And as a side effect, medical staff and managerial entities can use their valuable time for serious in-person consultations and emergency situations.

The Call 4 Health Way

Call 4 Health has over two decades of experience efficiently connecting patients with medical professionals. Our founder and CEO, Joe Pores, created Call 4 Health after a negative experience dealing with medical providers while caring for his terminally ill mother. Knowing that communication lines between patients and their doctors were shaky at best, Pores set out to establish a connection modality that emphasized patient care and quality of life.

If you’re a caregiver or patient who wants round-the-clock monitoring and insight, Call 4 Health is your solution. Our knowledgeable staff works all hours of the day connecting patients with the hardware and software mechanisms that make their days and breeze. And for medical professionals who need to streamline their caregiving, you’re in luck. Our solutions keep patient data in an easy-to-access format, freeing up your schedule and giving you the insight to make informed and medically accurate decisions.

If either of these philosophies aligns with your goals or business strategy, reach out today and connect with Call 4 Health.