How Can You Launch a Telehealth Service in Your Clinic?

Telehealth platform displayed on laptop

Reduced patient turnaround time and no-show rates, automated invoicing, better coordination with coworkers, and less work for doctors are just a few of the many benefits of telemedicine. Call 4 Health offers telemedicine consulting services and will help your facility realize these and other benefits. Read on for a further look at how telemedicine should be implemented in healthcare settings.

1. Select a Leader for Your Team

Initiating a telemedicine service in your clinical practice and having it be successful is not something that will happen by chance. Someone must take charge of the entire endeavor.

Visualize this as a brand-new facet of your service offering that will require patience and adjustment as you go. A well-versed team member in the technology and the doctor-patient dynamic should be selected for this role. Look for someone who wants to make a difference in the clinic and the lives of the patients it serves. These principles will be crucial in the early stages of the launch when things can be rough.

2. Understand the State Licensing Requirements

Those in the medical field who wish to provide telehealth services must obtain the appropriate licensing. Usually, the state where the patient resides is where the doctor must become licensed. However, telehealth licensure policies vary from one state to the next. Discuss the specifics of the licensing procedure with an attorney.

3. Choose the Right Platform

Choosing the right platform is possibly the trickiest element of introducing a new telehealth service. There are advantages to using different telemedicine services. There are cheaper options, but they may limit your ability to personalize. Telemedicine electronic health record (EHR) integration varies greatly between vendors. Call 4 Health offers telemedicine services, medical answering, appointment scheduling, nurse triage, an outboard program, physician referrals, and more.

4. Introduce Gradually as You Test the Project

Many clinics will assume they must treat all of their patients immediately after introducing telemedicine. There will be no benefit to doing this other than headaches. Beginning slowly, with only a few telehealth appointment times available per day during the initial two to four weeks, is preferable. That way, you can monitor the outcomes, make adjustments, and eventually turn a profit from your telehealth services.

5. Offer Your Best Clients and Market to them First

You likely have stable, pleasant regulars to work with whose issues are relatively straightforward to solve with a telehealth services program. This is the best starting point. Because they won’t add any new difficulties to using the technology, this is the case. If you already have a rapport with them, they will be more receptive to the fact that this is a novel offering on your part.

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