Call 4 Health Leads in Call Center Employee Success


Call 4 Health is Committed to Hiring and Retaining Outstanding Patient Care Representatives

The customer experience is the top priority at Call 4 Health. That’s why our call center proficiency has to rank on the same caliber. Employees help Call 4 Health to exceed expectations by balancing customer service and clinical care and fulfilling the needs of clients, including health professionals in private practices, hospitals, licensed psychotherapists and more.

To maintain the level of value-based care and performance first established 20 years ago, Call 4 health does more than take pride of leadership for its essential services, Call 4 Health takes action. Besides an ongoing program for call center staff of coaching and training, Call 4 Health has created an outstanding work environment. Employees receive meaningful workplace benefits such as healthcare, paid time off (PTO), 401K investments and more. “Hiring quality people and understanding what it takes to retain a staff with integrity and purpose is a company tenet,” says Pores.

Call 4 Health is constantly growing, which allows for many opportunities. The company has taken a lead in terms of strategic thinking with better analytics, for example. Call 4 Health has developed an array of innovative ways to help ensure that its call centers are filled with knowledgeable and competent employees who understand that a key part to their success is working collaboratively in a positive manner.

Employee Appreciation Matters

Company culture epitomizes a spirit of teamwork. Employees get involved in the various causes supported companywide, such as Juvenile Diabetes, Breast Cancer Awareness, among others. “We recognize our staff by celebrating birthdays, bring in food trucks and hold random contests and giveaways. It’s about showing our employees how much a role they play in terms of the customer experience and how much they’re appreciated,” says Pores.

That philosophy has proven effective. Employee reviews online have included: “I put myself in the shoes of the many patients I speak with and give them my full and undivided attention. It is gratifying and rewarding to know you’ve helped someone on the road to recovery and healing.” Another stated: “Call 4 Health is consistently improving and they do this by communicating with their staff. They actually listen to what the staff says and implement changes in a quick and orderly fashion to improve whatever needs to be done. You learn how to communicate in an effective fashion, work in a team, gain leadership skills, organization skills and much more.”

About Call 4 Health

Call4Health is a leading telemedicine services provider with virtual call centers for various medical management services. Virtual call centers at Call4Health is attended with utmost concern, compassion and efficiency, every hour of the day, every day of the year.

“Compassionate, articulate and motivated individuals are what’s required to enhance patient services for millions nationwide,” says Joseph Pores, CEO of Call 4 Health. Adding, “Call 4 Health offers a specialized expertise.”