Call 4 Health Celebrates 25 Years in the Healthcare Call Center Industry

Celebrates 25 Years in the Healthcare Call Center Industry

Call 4 Health, a complete communications BPO for healthcare facilities throughout the United States, is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary as the leader in the medical call center support solutions industry. 

The world of healthcare has changed dramatically over the last 25 years since the founding of Call 4 Health. Patients today are expecting 24 hour support, online and telemedicine medical support and an increased level of access to address their needs. We are at the forefront of these changes with our innovative physician call answering, nurse triage and  patient access appointment solutions.

A History of Caring

Call 4 Health was started in 1997 by CEO Joe Pores. It all began when Joe became a caregiver for his mother. She was sick with cancer and he experienced awful response times when trying to call her healthcare provider after hours. 

After his mother passed away, Joe founded Call 4 Health so others would not have the same bad experiences with medical call patient support. Since this time, Call 4 Health has gone from simply answering after-hours phone calls to becoming the largest “hosted” patient access center in the country by providing patients with access to their provider, health care system or hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Innovative Solutions for Healthcare Providers Around the USA

Today, Call4Health is proud to have over 700 employees doing everything from doctor office call overflow to nurse triage, telemedicine to patient access solutions.

Call 4 Health has four different health campuses around the country to conveniently serve our clients. Our offices are located in Columbia, South Carolina, Linthicum Heights, Maryland Spring Hill, Tennessee with our main corporate headquarters at 2855 S. Congress Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida.

For over 25 years Call 4 Health has been innovating and changing healthcare call center solutions, earning our reputation as “The Compassionate Call Center” and we look forward to continuing to innovate and help our industry continue to evolve for the next 25 years and beyond! Call us today at 855-684-1471 and see how to leverage our solutions to improve your healthcare practice.