How Call Center Interactive Voice Response Can Help Your Medical Practice

doctor typing on laptop

IVR is becoming more common for medical facilities and practices that want to automate their phone systems. This allows IRV to be the first point of contact for callers and can be easy to use. If you’re looking for ways to improve your patient customer service, there are a few benefits of using IVR for your medical practice.


1. Improve Your Customer Service

A medical answering service with IVR because it can deliver a clear message to your patients and is now easier to use than outdated systems in the past. The self-service tool can enhance the customer journey by delivering information that is easy to understand due to its enhanced speech. You can also create specific rules for routing callers to ensure they can enjoy faster service without long wait times.


2. Measure Customer Satisfaction

When you use a medical answering service, you can integrate IVR surveys that allow callers to rate their experience using the automated system. This can allow you to determine if they have a good experience and if improvements are necessary. The medical office can make adjustments to the training process or even create more reward programs that are available.


3. Live Instant Messaging Help

When you have a lot of incoming calls with your physician call center, IVR can offer live instant messaging help to ensure some of your patients’ needs are met when they spend time utilizing your website and navigating the different pages. This can provide them with answers to their questions and can free up the time of your team at the physician call center. It will also make your website more user-friendly and can increase your traffic.


4. Multilingual Chat Services

IRV systems are useful because they allow you to meet the needs of callers who may not speak English. The software can communicate in different languages, allowing you to serve more patients and avoid confusion that can occur when they attempt to call into the medical facility, and there’s a language barrier. The system will reduce dropped calls and can help you retain the patients that you’ve acquired. This can also prevent you from needing to hire bilingual team members in the future.


5. Delivery of Chat Transcripts

You can evaluate your patient customer service by receiving chat transcripts from the IVR system when you obtain the software from a company like Call 4 Health. This can allow you to determine if their needs were met or if they received the correct answers to their questions. The live website conversations can also accommodate callers who are not physically able to talk on the phone or have access to a phone.


If you’re ready to obtain IVR for your medical facility or office, we encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about the system and what it offers. You can speak to one of our team members and obtain the technology to increase the efficiency of your incoming call traffic volume.