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Telephone Nurse Triage is bringing modern-day technology to the medical field and becoming an important part of the healthcare landscape. This new way of administering medical care helps provide patients with the care they require when an in-person visit is not necessary. Across the medical industry, there are many different places where telephone triage nurses can be an important piece of the healthcare equation.

Telephone Triage Centers

A telephone triage center houses registered nurses who conduct live video and audio conferencing to provide patients with care. Nurse Triage Services create a gateway to get the patient involved in the medical system before an in-person visit is needed, allowing patients to stay at home and still receive care.

Clinics And Outpatient Care Centers

Triage for clinics and outpatient centers can conduct a wide variety of tests entirely over telephonic or video conferencing. Remote monitoring is one of the most important tools for nurses to check on patients’ vitals without requiring them to come in for a physical visit. Patients can outfit themselves with the appropriate equipment, and nurses can view the readings from a remote location.

Crisis Hotlines and COVID-19 Hotlines

Crisis hotlines and COVID-19 hotlines are using telephonic communications and video conferencing to quickly and effectively provide information and safety strategies to people who need immediate assistance to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Doctor's Offices

Telephone Nurse Triage is beneficial for doctor’s offices for many reasons. A telephone triage nurse can check up on patients to make sure they are following guidelines prior to an in-person visit and ask questions that will directly prepare a doctor for an in-person visit. A triage nurse can also check in with the patient after the visit and ensure they are taking the proper steps to take care of themselves.

Trauma Centers And Poison Control Centers

If someone is calling a trauma center or a poison control center, there is a good chance that the situation is dire and a quick response is necessary. Telephone Nurse Triage nurses can provide immediate help to these callers via video conferencing from these facilities and can assess the situation with their own eyes to provide the best possible advice.

Managed Care Centers

Managed care centers use telephone triage nurses to stay up to date on the progress of someone’s recovery via video conferencing. These conversations are an important part of the recovery process, but can typically be conducted without the parties having to be face to face. If any issues are uncovered during the conversation, an in-person assessment can be scheduled right then.

Final Thoughts

Telephone Nurse Triage can be used for many different applications in a wide variety of medical fields. As the public becomes more comfortable with getting their healthcare remotely, the demand for Telephone Nurses Triage will continue to grow. Call 4 Health has perfected every aspect of telephonic triage services and they’ve been serving the community for over 20 years. For more information on how Telephone Nurse Triage can be beneficial to your organization, call us today!