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    Texas Medical Call Answering and Nurse Triage Services

    Call 4 Health offers help from Austin to El Paso to Lubbock to Ft. Worth

    Who is Call 4 Health?

    Joe Pores, the CEO of Call 4 Health, found himself incredibly frustrated as he tried to reach the medical professionals who were working on behalf of his mother as she struggled with cancer. That experience was so exasperating that he founded Call 4 Health in 1997 to help families facing similar circumstances in Texas and throughout the country.

    Since then, the company has grown from an after-hours medical answering service to a network of diverse health-related communication systems available 24-hours a day to medical facilities across the U.S.

    What Does Call 4 Health Do?

    Call 4 Health sets up customized plans to help doctors communicate more effectively with their patients, whether it is via telephone nurse triage or physician referrals.

    From the state’s historic capital of Austin to Buddy Holly’s birthplace of Lubbock, and areas all around and in-between, healthcare facilities can contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss how our medical call answering and call center solutions can benefit your healthcare industry business.

    Why Call 4 Health Works

    According to a report from NPR, nearly 700,000 Texans lost their health insurance during the pandemic. Previous to that, in 2019, Medscape reported that over 40% of physicians across the U.S. suffer from burnout.

    Between the virus, a lack of insurance coverage, and overworked medical providers throughout the Lone Star State, medical facilities need to maximize their services and minimize their expenses.

    With Call 4 Health medical answering service and nurse triage, medical professionals can respond more quickly to emergency calls, reduce staff workload, and have more time to spend with patients.

    Our services not only mean fewer calls to 911, but they also make hospitals more efficient, increase patient satisfaction, and free medical personnel to spend more time with patients. Let us design a program for your unique needs.

    What Services Does Call 4 Health Provide?

    Not only do we answer your phone professionally during the hours you request, but our call answering service can perform the following functions as well:

    • Healthcare & physician medical answering services
    • Appointment scheduling and reminders
    • Virtual care solutions for telemedicine providers
    • Physician referrals
    • Nurse triage via phone
    • Automated programs for inbound and outbound calls
    • User-friendly chatware and interactive voice response
    • Customer service and help desk
    • Clinical trial recruiting
    • Hospital switchboard
    • Contact tracking

    We customize our Call 4 Health healthcare answering service to meet the needs of doctors, physician managers, hospital managers, floor managers, and health company administrators with the exact services and hours they need. We can also handle bilingual calls and emergency nurse consultations for non-English-speaking patients, if requested.

    Who Do We Help?

    Call 4 Health’s clients fall across the spectrum of medical industry professionals. We work with doctors’ offices, small clinics, large hospitals, specialty practices, private hospitals, and public facilities. We gear our services to the client, whether that means using a foreign language, working with special-needs clients, or manning the phones for a cardiac emergency center.

    Our clients include organizations such as:

    • Trauma centers
    • Primary care doctors
    • Children’s hospitals
    • Pediatric physicians
    • Rehab centers
    • Geriatric hospitals
    • Cardiology practices
    • Cancer centers
    • Sports medicine and orthopedics
    • Anyone who needs a telephone triage nurse

    Even Marketing?

    The aim at Call 4 Health, after exemplary patient service, is the growth of your business. We have created and currently manage successful customer acquisition programs for many prominent facilities throughout the U.S. We start with a detailed plan for your specific needs, plus identifying additional revenue streams through advanced up-sell and cross-sell programs. Our customized solutions utilize every element of Call 4 Health’s fully integrated outbound programs.

    Monitored for Your Success

    Our agents are trained according to your requirements to ensure every customer relationship goal is met. Our representatives treat your customers as their own, offering the highest level of service. And each call is managed according to the custom-tailored script that will be developed by our team and approved by your facility/office. Our number one goal is your customer satisfaction. With a personal account manager assigned to your program, all your needs are taken care of immediately, 24-hours a day.

    Contact Call 4 Health for a Complimentary Consultation

    Call 4 Health is a leader in providing medical answering service and phone nurse triage services throughout the sprawling state of Texas. Call us or fill out our inquiry form today for a complimentary consultation.