Tennessee Medical Call Center

Nashville area hospital.

    Tennessee Medical Call Center and Nurse Triage Solutions

    Joe Pores, the CEO of Call 4 Health, found it difficult to reach medical professionals during his mother’s illness. To prevent other families from having similar experiences from Tennessee to Texas, he founded an after-hours medical answering service which has evolved into today’s Call 4 Health.

    Since opening its doors in 1997, the system has grown into a complete healthcare industry communications call center available 24 hours a day to medical facilities around the country.

    Call 4 Health Medical Answering Services From Nashville to Springhill

    We now boast a medical call center campus in Springhill, Tennessee to service Nashville and surrounding areas.

    historic Franklin. Just south of Nashville, Franklin is famous for its Downtown Main Street, a quaint strip lined with sidewalk cafes, antique shops and art galleries. Nashville’s music scene and excellent schools make it a popular place to live.

    Nashville – Healthcare Industry Capital of Tennessee

    According to the Nashville Healthcare Council, the healthcare industry generates over 270,000 jobs and a windfall of $46.7 billion every year. Around the world, Nashville’s health care industry provides over 570,000 jobs and over $92 billion in revenue, but that’s not all. These statistics show its diversity and economic benefits:

    • Over 500 health care companies, operating in the United States and globally, have offices in Nashville. An additional 400 service industries, including medical answering services, support the medical industry.
    • Nashville is home to 16 publicly traded healthcare companies.
    • In one survey, 95% of participants reported that having a location in Nashville is important to their company’s performance.
    • From 2205 to 2015, Nashville health care companies received over $1.6 billion in venture capital.

    Memphis, home of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital also experienced a boom in healthcare over the past decade, further establishing Tennessee’s name in the industry.

    How Call 4 Health Can Help

    The city of Franklin estimates that 68% of its ambulance calls are medically related. Our services not only mean fewer calls to 911, but they also make hospitals more efficient, increase patient satisfaction, and free medical personnel to spend more time with patients. From answering a doctor’s phones to providing nurse triage, we design a program for your unique needs.

    Our call answering service can perform these functions:

    • Healthcare & physician medical answering services
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Virtual care solutions for telemedicine providers
    • Physician referrals
    • Nurse triage
    • automated inbound and outbound calling programs
    • User-friendly chatware and interactive voice response
    • Clinical trial recruiting
    • Hospital switchboard
    • Customer service and help desk

    We customize our healthcare call answering service to meet the needs of doctors, physician managers, hospital managers, floor managers, and health company administrators. Our clients include private and public facilities: trauma centers, rehabilitation hospitals, children’s hospitals, geriatric hospitals, and psychiatric facilities. Hospitals with a specific focus, such as oncology or cardiology, and their patients find our nurse triage services comforting in a crisis.

    Whether you’re in Franklin, Memphis, Springhill or other areas of Tennessee, contact us today to find out how we can make your practice more efficient and rewarding.