Automated Answering Services Virtual Operator

  • Cost Effective For Small & Medium Practices
  • Standardized Programming Options
  • Complete Control Of On-Call Scheduling
  • Fast And Easy To Set-Up
  • Easy To Manage Contact Designation

Call 4 Health’s Virtual Operator automated Answering Service is a complete answering solution to manage all of your after hour calls whether you have a single location or multiple facilities.

Your Schedule Under Control.

Our patient proven automated system distinguishes between urgent and non-urgent calls, and then delivers them to the appropriate location for immediate response or follow-up. None of this requires a live operator. You are in complete control of the design and management of your calls.

Your Virtual Operator identifies on and off call contacts along with the numbers and locations where you can be reached. Managing your on-call schedule can be done online via Call 4 Health’s web-based call scheduling system. You control your schedule anytime and anywhere.


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