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Telemedicine is a popular healthcare mechanism that has gained popularity and success in recent years across many countries. Telemedicine involves exchange of valuable medical information using advanced communication technologies to interact with the patients along with providing a host of medical resources to consumers through online discussions and forums.

Telemedicine is a widely used technique for communication between the patients and the doctors via modern and advanced communication medium like internet, video conferencing, websites including online chats and online medical discussion forums. Telemedicine creates strong and effective communication channels among the patients and the physicians where physical distances no longer matter.

In short, telemedicine is a medical practise followed by doctors using electronic mediums like internet and videoconferencing for communicating with the patients.

Telemedicine service offerings

Telemedicine can also involve advanced mechanisms of diagnosing a patient’s health status using remote monitoring devices, including transfer of images through video to assess the patient’s progress to get an overview of the patient’s overall health status.

Patient diagnosis

Telemedicine makes it possible for the patient and the doctor to experience their physical presence using electronic communication devices like video images that can be accessed from a remote location via electronic tranfer of video images. Telemedicine also enables patient data records transfer for reference thus making patient diagnosis and medical consultation possible over physical distances.

Specialist consultation

Telemedicine proves to be immensely beneficial in helping the patients establish a rapport with the specialists in case of medical advise in a range of specialist areas like radiology, cardiology, mental health problems, eye care among others. Different specialists can aid the general practioner’s efforts in arriving at a joint decision regarding patient’s diagnosis and mode of treatment required.

-Remote Monitoring of health status

Telemedicine enables different health services ranging from emergency medical service that can be provided to patients including consultation and remote monitoring of patient’s health using advanced devices that can be used to send and receive patient data to maintain a record reflecting the current health status is a medical technology outsource call center that provides exclusive telemedicine answering service along with emergency medical services through skilled doctors. It has a professionally trained staff of specialists of patient representatives who assist in solving patient’s medical queries offering greater convenience and flexibility with excellent customer healthcare service.